Chat Forms FAQ

  • Q. What Is a Chat Form?
    A. Chat Form is a method of filling a form using a chat application.
    Q. How does a Chat Form works?
    A. A chat bot is talking to the user, collecting replies, all replies are applied to a Google Form and users answers are available within the Google Forms portal.
    Q. How can I create a Chat Form?
    A. Chat Forms are built on top of Google Forms, there are two options to create new Chat Form:
    1. Using Chat Forms website on, paste a valid public Google Form address, click Next and select a language, click Next again to create the form.
    2. Using Chat Forms add-on inside Google Forms, select a language, click Next again to create the form.
    Q. How to install Chat Forms add-on?
    A. To install Chat Forms add-on, go to Google Forms, open an existing form or create new one, click on the side menu and Choose add-ons. Search for Chat Forms and click on the Free button. Alternatively, go to Add-on and Click on the Free button.
    Q. How to open Chat Forms add-on?
    A. after installing the add-on, you need to open it in order to use it. Click on the icon on the top menu ribbon and choose Chat Forms from the dropdown menu.
    Note: On mobile device the add-on will open on full screen, on desktop the add-on will open as a sidebar.
    Q. How can I share a Chat Form?
    A. There are two method of sharing our form:
    1. Using Chat Forms share tool. After you generated a Chat Form, click on the Share button and choose on of the available sharing options. You can share the form using email, social media, or a generic URL.
      Note: On mobile, the generic Share menu will open and provide more share options.
    2. Browser link sharing. After you generated a Chat Form, open the form on the Open button, copy the address from the browser’s address bar and distribute it to your audience.
    Q. How much is cost to use Chat Forms?
    A. Chat Forms is a free tool and we are not planning to charge our users for any action. In the future we may add extended features that will be available for additional cost.
    Q. How can I delete a Chat Form?
    A. Chat Forms are being automatically deleted after 30 days. If you choose to share your Chat Form using our internal email sharing tool, a reminder email will be sent to you before the form if deleted with the option to postpone the deletion for 30 days. Unless communicated otherwise, you will be able to continue and postpone the deletion of your Chat Form every month up to two years.
    Q. How is behind chat Forms?
    A. Chat Forms was developed as a side project by inter-act now ltd. Visit us on
    Q. Can I leave Feedback or ask for features from Chat Forms team?
    A. Shure! Just go to Feedback and drop us a message. We always love to listen to what our users have to say.